Are you looking for goal-setting tips to help you kill it with your insurance biz in 2021?

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So, if you need expert advice, marketing strategies, and insights. Or, you’re looking at building an agency and want to run it like an insurance wizard, you’ll want to keep reading.

The amazing John Lucero is joining us to discuss how agents and agency owners can kill it in 2021. He also discusses his kick-ass course with us that teaches agents exactly how to do just that.

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From Old-School Insurance Agent to a Bad-Ass Agency Owner

Before we delve into making a major change with your business, it’s essential to look at what it takes before you make such a big step.

Right now, a lot of people are struggling in this business and don’t really have a mentor, coach, or a guide to turn to. They get into insurance and don’t realize that it’s not always about just buying leads.

An insurance agent also has to really understand that there is a business model behind building your agency. You also need to have a place to lean on for support, implement goal-setting tips, and utilize your experience.

There’s more to the insurance side of the business. You also have to incorporate the psychology of sales while also building and understanding how the business operates.

So, when we talk about going from an old-school insurance agent and transforming into a bad-ass agency owner, what does that mean?

It’s no secret that not only have times changed, but the insurance industry has changed as well. So, if you’re not evolving as these changes are taking place, you’re going to be left behind. In order to be a bad-ass agency owner, you have to be aware of and implement the latest digital enhancements, innovation, technology, and sales strategies.

When all these changes take place, people get lost and don’t know where to look for support or guidance.

And, let’s be honest. There isn’t a lot of support out there. Not to mention the lack of coaches and trainers who can truly help you. Sure, there are people who will give you leads or show you where to get them. But that doesn’t give you the tools to understand the process behind having a business mindset, how leads work, return on investments, conversion rates, or any other aspects you need as a business owner to be successful.

Top 3 Ways to Supercharge Your Business in 2021

A modern-day badass agency owner today understands the power of technology. They have a vision and a plan for what they want to accomplish. It’s no longer enough to say you’re going to sell insurance. The industry is changing too rapidly, and the competition is fierce, so your plan and vision will keep you from standing still.

In addition to having a plan, there are three things you can do to supercharge your business in 2021. The first is video. It’s predicted to be the main source of communication on social media within the next few years. So, if you’re not using video in your insurance business, you’re already behind the times.

And speaking of social media, you must have a presence on those platforms. Regardless of how or where people buy from you, they are still checking you out on social media. People buy from people. They want to see your personality and know who you are.

Another thing you can do is value your clients. Whether you have one or a thousand clients, it’s crucial to have something in place for client appreciation. You should be enacting procedures to have annual reviews with them, nurture those relationships, and maximize your referral potential.

Access Goal-Setting Tips and More to Follow Your Plan to Success

We know that insurance agents can easily get lost in the details. After all, you’re focused on bringing in leads and closing deals, so it’s only natural that building your business can sometimes take a back seat. Maybe you’ve tried focusing on growing your agency, but it seemed like you were on your own to figure everything out.

It’s a common theme among insurance agents, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Too many agents are missing out on the proven ways to operate as a business owner instead of as an agent. Or, they know they need help, but they don’t have a trusted resource where they can turn to. Now they can have exactly what they need to take that next step.

John Lucero, a 18+ year veteran, developed a course based on nearly two decades of experience. He personally struggled with feeling alone as an insurance agent and has since developed expertise in the areas of Recruiting, Education, Coaching, Development, and Product Knowledge.

And he’s sharing all that expertise in his exclusive course!

Agency Elevated is an online, actionable course where you can access videos and downloadable documents anytime, anywhere. With this course, you’ll be able to set up your plan, implement proven goal-setting tips, learn how to build and compensate your team, how to hold yourself and your team accountable, and much, much more!

If you’re ready to set your insurance business up for success in 2021, this foundational course is ideal for all aspiring insurance business owners.

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