Did you know that free insurance leads are just waiting to be discovered on Facebook? It’s true. Your ideal customer, who is ready to buy, is hiding in plain sight.

Today we’re going to talk about:

  1. How to find free insurance leads using Facebook
  2. How to connect with these leads (the right way)
  3. How to nurture these leads

How to Find Free Insurance Leads Using Facebook

You’ve probably used it hundreds of times when looking for friends or groups, but did you know that you could use the search bar function to search public posts?

This means that you can type in the keyword, “insurance” to find all the recent global posts that mention insurance. If the person posting has made their post public, it will show up in the search.

Search for Free Insurance Leads Using Facebook Search Function

Get the Results You Want

Now, if you were to just type in “insurance,” the search function may not return the best results. You’ll probably notice a lot of posts from other insurance agents.

Here are some suggested search terms:

  • Looking for recommendations insurance
  • Switch insurance
  • Switching insurance
  • Looking for new insurance

It’s best to think about terms people would include in their posts when asking friends for advice.

find free insurance leads using Facebook

Continue to refine your search by using the filtering options on the left-hand sidebar. This includes date posted, location, posted by friends, and more.

This method works well for home, auto, and health, but not as many people post about needing recommendations about life and final expense insurance.

Get Creative

If you’ve tried all the search terms you can think of to find people actively looking for your line of insurance and you’ve come up short, it’s time to get creative.

Brainstorm life events that may prompt someone to need to reevaluate their insurance situation. For example, having a baby, buying their first home, or moving their parents into assisted living.

Think about words people would use to describe these life events and use the search bar to find their posts.

Some examples:

  • House hunting
  • Looking for recommendations assisted living
  • Growing by one / adding a new pumpkin to our patch (People like to be clever with their announcements so, if you’re going this route, do a bit of research to see what’s trendy during the current season.)
find free insurance leads using Facebook

Connect with Your New Leads (the right way)

Once you’ve identified your leads, it’s time to connect with them. Listen up here, because there’s a right way to go about reaching out.

It’s especially important to be sensitive when connecting with people simply based on a life change or event. Remember that they aren’t openly asking for recommendations about insurance.

For the leads who are asking for recommendations, it’s easier. You could simply comment on their post that you specialize in helping people find the right coverage and provide your contact information.

But, why do that when there’s a better way?

The Better Way

If you really want to set yourself apart, you will need to provide valuable information that is relevant to your new lead. This can be in the form of:

  • Blog posts
  • PDF brochures
  • Infographics
  • Informational videos

To get started creating your own content, check out The Insurance Agent’s Guide to Creating Valuable Content.

Make the Connection Meaningful

Once you have your valuable content, you’re ready to connect with your new lead. Based off their post, you will know if they are excited, nervous, overwhelmed, or even frustrated with their current situation. Use this too along with your valuable content to address their circumstances.

Here’s an example:

Hi [frustrated car insurance seeker],

I’m so sorry to hear about the difficulties you’re having with your car insurance. I put this PDF together to make auto coverages easier to understand. Hopefully, this makes the car insurance shopping process easier for you. I have years of experience helping people through this same process, so please let me know if you have any questions!

You have two options to reach out:

  1. Within the comments in their post
  2. Through Facebook Messenger

Which works better? This is something you’ll want to test. Keep in mind that Facebook messages are put into a different inbox if you are not friends with the person you’re reaching out to. They can be missed easily because they don’t pop up like messages from friends.

Nurture Leads Through a Sequence

Instead of choosing one or the other, develop a sequence to follow up with your leads.

  1. Respond to their post with your response addressing their situation along with your valuable content (see the example above)
  2. Send a friend request to them (if you’re not already friends)
  3. Send a message following up and asking if they have any questions

Nurturing Life Event Insurance Leads

Remember to be especially sensitive to these leads, as they aren’t actively seeking insurance. Below are examples of how the process may work for them.

Example for new homebuyers

Hi [excited new homebuyer],

That’s so exciting! I also know how overwhelming the process can be, so that’s why I put together this guide for first-time homebuyers [link to your guide which includes your contact info]. I specialize in helping homebuyers with their insurance needs, so please let me know if you have any questions. I would love to help!

Follow up With Your Free Insurance Leads

After you have connected with your lead by commenting on their post, send a friend request to them.

If they accept your request, follow up with a message like this:

Hi [excited new homebuyer],

I wanted to follow up to see how the process is going and if you had any questions about the guide I sent. I’m happy to help if you need anything.

Seal the Deal with Facebook Ads

If you really want to seal the deal with this strategy, consider using Facebook ads to retarget your free leads.

The latest stats I’ve seen published say that it can take up to 27 touches before a prospect converts. That means that a prospect must interact with your brand 27 times before making a purchase. Use Facebook ads to continue to stay top-of-mind.

Need help getting started with Facebook ads?

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